Welcome to Paul Gordon Consulting.

Paul is committed to helping his clients succeed, to realise as much value as possible from their projects, and to do so in a way that honours their commitment to health and safety, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.

In today’s difficult market, an exploration team cannot afford to waste resources.  This is where Paul can help.  If you have funds but are unsure how best to maximise your investment, he will help you to find the project that’s best for you.  Click for more details.

If you have an existing project and need to find a partner, or are considering divesting, Paul’s experience as Project Evaluation Manager for a multi-billion dollar mining company will be invaluable. He will advise on targeting the right people, and packaging the project so that a potential partner can clearly understand the upside, mitigation of pitfalls, and robustness of the data.  Click for more details.

Projects that are in start-up phase, or already established, need a clear overall strategy, robust budgeting and realistic allocation of resources.   Paul will help you maximise your holdings and bring your projects in on budget.  Click for more details.

Paul is a member-in-good standing of the Institute of Geologists of Ireland (IGI), through which he is professionally accredited.

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is essential for data capture, understanding your project, and presentation of results.  Paul is a highly skilled GIS user and will bring this ability to bear on your project.  Click for more details.

In addition to using his own GIS skills, Paul enjoys sharing his knowledge and will happily help upskill you or your staff.  Click for more details.

Based in Ireland, Paul works both internationally and domestically.